Storifying Progress

Our stories are centered on direct narrations by project beneficiaries. The stories follow the trajectory of beneficiary from their interest, admission, through to skill development, practical experiences gained and post-training support and follow-ups. We also encourage the sharing of challenges throughout these stages and the opportunities used to overcome them. On the flip side, we are also committed to sharing stories from unsuccessful beneficiaries. These stories of hmmm’ will seek to shed light on how internal practices and external factors may hinder our efforts to achieve progress and project goals.


Latest stories

Mary Wambui: Brains. Beauty. Bravery.

Meet Mary Wambui Mwangi, a 17 year old girl who is ready to prove to the world that the difference between the impossible and possible lies in one’s determination.     When it all star...

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End of Entrepreneurship Course

  Employment is a dream yet to come true to many. Majority of graduates are still idling around with their certificates neatly stashed in their houses as they wander from office to office looking...

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Kemunto: The money just wasn’t enough

“I saw an opportunity that could make my situation better. I took it”. “In 2017, I was washing clothes for a living.I had 3 children; my husband worked as a security guard and didn’t earn much...

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