Mary Wambui: Brains. Beauty. Bravery.

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Meet Mary Wambui Mwangi, a 17 year old girl who is ready to prove to the world that the difference between the impossible and possible lies in one’s determination.



When it all started…

After 1+ years of studying at St. Bakhita, Mary is among the first cohort preparing for the 2018 National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) Exam  in less than 30 days. But when and how did the story begin? Mary joined St. Bakhita family on 16th, February, 2017. She took the initiative of joining St. Bakhita to study hairdressing because she had the urge to be a great hairdresser. Mary believes she has the talent for it and that through her determination, hard work and serious studies, she will make it far.

Motivated by the need to give her parents the very best in life, she says that poverty will be a thing of the past since which will apply better managerial practices to run her business so that it can thrive well.

“I draw inspiration from my parents because they always encourage me to work hard in everything that I do. I don’t want them to continue living in poverty and so I will do anything it takes to ensure that they live a good life”

 Mary Wambui

Life at Bakhita

Since joining the family, Mary has settled in comfortably, made some great friends, enjoy many fun times and feels ready to move on. According to her, the training that are offered at St. Bakhita are exemplary good since the teachers are highly qualified.

“The training involves a lot of practice, which means you get to learn a lot”. Together with her colleagues, Mary has already completed her 1+ month of practical internship at Expression Beauty Salon in Eldoret. In her free times outside class, Mary joins other enthusiastic students in St. Bakhita’s computer lab researching on trending styles – something she thinks will be one of her X-factor when she is out competing with other hairdressing.


Mary wins first prize in Hairdressing and Computer Studies (year 2) as well as Overall Best Student during the 10 year anniversary of St. Bakhita – August 2018

Life after Bakhita – Optimistic


It is Mary’s dream to start her own business in future. Since starting a business requires capital, she intends to initially apply for a job. ” I am confident of landing a job when I graduate because of my talents and the new skills I have learnt. Once I get that job, I will give it my very best, save from the salary and begin plans to open my own business”. In August this year, Mary won the maiden Miss Bakhita Pageant show after, among other things, she presented and defended this same business idea to a panel of judges.




Mary Wambui, Miss Bakhita 2018, and a section of students, staff and guest


Today, Mary remains happy, bright, hopeful and ever ready for the world. With her talent, energy and zeal and the training from St. Bakhita, nothing seems to be impossible for her. She looks forward to work life, business life and her ability to provide for her family and to contribute great values to her community.  But before then, she is focused on completing her NITA exams and getting her certificate in Hairdressing and Beauty. Fingers crossed for Mary Wambui and her cohort.



Mary Wambui

Story by: Stella Nthenya Musyoki; Project Intern