End of Entrepreneurship Course



Employment is a dream yet to come true to many. Majority of graduates are still idling around with their certificates neatly stashed in their houses as they wander from office to office looking for jobs. On the other hand, we have youths without degrees or certificates and lack the skills to start and run their own businesses. The current rate of joblessness is devastating, resulting in an adverse increase in crime rates. It is now time people turned to self-employment and embraced entrepreneurship in order to create, innovate, solve and initiate change.


Eldohub offers a course on Business and Entrepreneurship under the Miliki Program. The training covers areas such as Introduction to Business, Business Model Canvas, Identification of Opportunities, Customer Segmentation, Sales and Marketing, Asset Mapping, Business Plan, Financials Literacy, Design Thinking etc. They round this up by practically pitching the ideas generated during the training. The training addresses the problems small scale businesses face in their day to day activities ensuring all areas of concern are addressed.


In the month of September, 2018, Eldoub ran the Miliki Program at St Bakhita House of Hope in Langas, Eldoret where 40 women and girls were trained, both literate and semi-literate. It was a great exposure for the participants who took it with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. On top of the normal class interactions, Eldohub included several activities to boost their understanding and ensured everyone participated.


“As we begun, the participants were dull and had minimum things to share about themselves. Their minds were ‘still wrapped and locked in a box’, but by the time we were completing, they had a mindset change, thinking big and creatively. It was no surprise they now had a lot to talk about.”

  Ms Chepkemoi (Director of Eldobub)

By the time of pitching ideas, students had very unique and innovative ideas and their confidence was at the peak. We had several mentors come in as well and share their success stories and experience with them. We also had Sidian Bank come in and train them on banking, savings and credit worthiness. It was an experience worth every time spent.






I like to dream big. During the entrepreneurship course, I felt I can achieve all the big plans I have in the future if I do things right. 


Iam glad I got to learn new things about how to open a business, attract and sustain customers  and market my products when I begin my business. 





The best lesson for me was about financial management by the Sidian Bank. 


It was striking to see how creative the students were. What caught my attention was the group that presented a business plan on agribusiness. 

James (one of the judges for the pitching day)




Articel was originally written by Eldohub: http://www.eldohub.co.ke/2018/10/15/business-entrepreneurship-program/