Celebrating St.Bakhita House of Hope 10th Anniversary – DAY 2 and 3


Day 2: Winning the game – Yeaaa!

As the saying goes, physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. After an official opening first day, the second day of our celebrations was a day full of sports and laughter. For weeks ahead, our girls practiced their football passes and volleyball servings, getting ready to show their talents and measure their strength against the girls from Langas Primary School. When they day finally dawned on 2nd August, fun games such as table tennis, speed eating of bread, round-the-chair and egg-on-spoon preceded the big matches. These games were mainly dominated by our opponents from Langas Primary School. It was our way of welcoming them, right.


When the big moments came, we  managed to triumph in the major disciplines – football and volleyball – and carried home two beautiful trophies. The fun and joy of exercising was indeed a tribute to our heart. We are super thankful to all our staff who came to support and participate expecially Teacher Ann (who came second in the round-the-chair) and Teacher Ben for his amazing morale boosting singing support. Special thanks to our friends from Langas Primary for accepting our invitation.


Day 3: Developing the Virtues of St.Bakhita Girls

Our girls in St.Bakhita are not only taught how to make beautiful hairstyles and sew creative fashion designs. They are also groomed to become responsible and active members of the society.


In the morning of the third day of celebrations, their steps lead to the Langas Parish of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church where our girls usually attend the Sunday masses. However this time they did not come to sing in the choir and listen to the Words of God. This time they came to deliver a service to the community and clean up the church and its surroundings to show their humility and willingness to serve. As John Wesley once said, cleanliness is next to godliness.


Sipping the honey of wisdom


After lunch, the Chief of Langas area, Mr. Philip Chemngok, blessed us with a visit  to share words of advice and inspire our girls even more to take serious the journey of service to the community . Our Elders say that “The words of the elderly are as sweet as honey, but if you do not listen they become as sour as bile”. We were excited about the visit and took the opportunity to ask several questions to help build our future. Thank You Sir!


Crowing the Queen of Bakhita




A virtuous woman is creative, bold, talented, positive, prepared and know how to communicate, among other things. These attributes were challenged when St.Bakhita organized its Maiden Miss Bakhita Pageant. The audience and our five judges, wisely picked from different fields of beauty-and-wit expertise, at first had a chance to see catwalk and introduction in casual wear after which our girls presented their creative designs. The ten contestants materialized our goal of achieving sustainability by producing amazing ideas and presented them with confidence and joy. We saw dresses made from scrap materials, maize sacks, leaves and even a mosquito net. One of our contestants topped her outfit with shoes hand-made  from a bicycle tire. These rounds helped the judges to pick 5 contestants who continued to the final round in which they had to present either their future business-plan or a public speech on a certain topic.


The excitement grew as the finals were coming to an end and the judges had a very hard time deciding on who would be crowned the first Miss Bakhita 2018. Eventually our contestant –Mary Wamboi, who was bold enough to hand-make her entire outfit from dress to shoes, who sang beautifully in the talent show and who presented her business-plan for a beauty saloon was crowned to become our first Miss Bakhita. Zipporah and Martha were first and second-runner-up respectively.



The night dawned and the claps ended but our laughter, our joy, our confidence didn’t. It was actually the beginning. These two days of sport and pageantry were a great opportunity to relive our sense of exercise, beauty and togetherness.


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Story by Rosemary Wambui and Zuzana Kralinska

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